Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne : a quick look at how things are progressing on the worksite in Beaune

The silhouette of the future tendril can be guessed day after day

This innovative work, for which the Beaune City Council is the project manager, will cover 5,000 m2, including 3,600 m2 of interior space. It will be the largest and most spectacular of the three buildings piloted with a master’s hand by the Rougeot Group’s teams.


First elevations…

After completing the foundations, the first sections of the curved concrete walls leading from the hall of the future spiral to the scenographic space were built. This was followed by the triple-level walls which are almost 8 meters high. Its white-tinted facades were poured in one go and will form the periphery of the base. These will be aggregated by a vegetal envelope made of wood-frame insulating modules made of hemp concrete [a natural insulator of plant origin].

… to the installation of the roof structure

Since the end of November, the residents and visitors of Beaune can admire the elegant metallic structure of the future Cité. Following the assembly of these first three levels of metallic structure, it is now possible to observe the first curves of the future tendril which still has to rise by two additional floors.

It is thanks to the work and the mutualized local know-how of the Rougeot Group’s teams and the Epinac-based company ERTCM Industries, at the origin of the new curved and metallic silhouette of the Cité – “a real technical feat” according to Yalcin Odabas director of the project for the Rougeot Group – that the construction site continues in serenity.



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