The 2023 vintage in Bourgogne

The Bourgogne 2023 vintage: surpassing all expectations!


It’s been some time since Bourgogne enjoyed two consecutive years with above-average volumes. 2023, coming hot on the heels of 2022, has put a smile on the faces of winegrowers and wine merchants: the cellars are (almost) full again, and the quality is there every time.


That’s the other great thing about this vintage – despite unstable weather conditions over the summer, the end result is stunning. The Chardonnay, Aligoté and Sauvignon grapes reached full maturity in perfect condition, while retaining enough freshness to live up to the reputation of Bourgogne white wines. And Pinot Noir proved, once again, that it is king of the grape varieties. After a rigorous sorting process, facilitated by high yields, some very fine juices were extracted, with a great variety of aromas. The result is expressive, fruity wines with beautiful aromatic profiles, for both white and red. There’s something for all tastes, as this vintage offers a range of profiles linked to the choice of harvest dates. We look forward to exploring the 2023 vintage!


Everyone in Bourgogne is unanimous: it’s “a great year for white wine!”. The ripe, healthy, well-balanced grapes have produced wines that stand out for their richness and wonderful opulence, without excess. The wines are aromatic, evoking gorgeous ripe white fruits such as pear and peach. Despite the very hot weather at the start of the harvest, beautiful balances have been maintained.


The red wines are expressive and open up quickly. They have delicious flavours, in some cases reminiscent of fresh red fruits, such as raspberries, or with aromas of dark fruits, such as blackberries, and even spices for some wine profiles. On the palate, they have a lovely density, with a silky tannic structure. During vinification, conditions were just right for good colour extraction. The deep, intense colours of the wine are superb.


For Crémant de Bourgogne, the basic wines are fruity, balanced and elegant. The Chardonnay has an aromatic profile featuring citrus and floral notes, or even exotic fruit. The Pinot Noir hints at red berries such as raspberry and cherry. The Aligoté maintains its vivacity with lemony notes. Finally, the expressive Gamay hasflavours
reminiscent of strawberry.


Discover the full press release on the 2023 vintage published by the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) here.