Bourgogne Maps

An interactive atlas of Bourgogne maps.

This tool reveals the geographical production zones for the 84 appellations of the Bourgogne winegrowing region, across three groups:

  • 7 Régionale AOCs
  • 44 Village AOCs
  • 33 Grand Cru AOCs


It also explores the 14 additional geographical denominations within the Bourgogne AOC and the 27 additional geographical denominations within the Mâcon AOC. Indeed, these two sub-categories include the additional geographical denomination description within their appellation specifications, identifying a more restricted geographical zone where the grapes come from.


Three ways of searching:

– By commune

– By appellation

– By level of appellation


You can also:

– Visualize an appellation’s Climats and lieux-dits

– Find a list of estates and wine merchants by sector

– Explore different wine-related festivities throughout the year

– Access additional information about each appellation including texts and photos

– Download or print maps directly from the platform


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