The 2022 vintage in Bourgogne

2022 encapsulates what Bourgogne does best: a vintage of quality and generosity that already seduce the palates of wine enthusiasts from all over the world!


The year 2022 will be remembered by wine enthusiasts as a remarkable vintage in Bourgogne. The winegrowing region, renowned for its art of producing exceptional wines, offered us what many oenophiles had been impatiently waiting for: a vintage both qualitative and generous.


After several years marked by the vagaries of the weather, 2022 has arrived like a breath of fresh air for winemakers and wine lovers alike.


One of the most striking features of this vintage is its ability to restore balance to the market and replenish stocks that had been depleted in previous years. There are slight disparities between grape varieties, but globally, the vines were able to cope with capricious and extreme weather, taking advantage of every little shower to produce quality grapes.


The beginning of the year was marked by intense weather conditions, with frost, heatwave and drought. Budburst, later than usual, played a crucial role in helping to protect the vineyards from the April frost. Then, thanks to the subtle interaction between the vine and the Bourgogne terroir, the vines managed to get through four heat waves and a widespread drought without a hitch. This harmony between nature and terroir is reflected in the musts, which have controlled alcohol levels.


And indeed, it’s a success: the wines from this vintage are a real treat for the senses.


Despite the year’s very hot weather conditions, the white wines stand out for their roundness, smoothness and complexity. They are rich in fruity aromas, while retaining a very welcome freshness. Fresh fruit notes dance elegantly on the palate.


As for the red wines, they reveal a remarkable intensity. Their deep color testifies to their potential, and they are smooth on the palate, carried by soft tannins that add a pleasant roundness. These wines are a festival of flavors, with luscious aromas of perfectly ripe red and black fruits.


Last but not least, Crémant de Bourgogne also shines in 2022. The base wines are well-balanced, with good ripeness, minimizing the need for enrichment. The result is powerful wines, both smooth and crisp, with a lovely long finish.


Discover the full press release on the 2022 vintage published by the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) here.